Katie Elliott
Expert Firmware Engineer

Seattle Office


    • BSEE, University of Washington
    • MSEE, University of Washington



    Interests / Obsessions

      • The outdoors – Alpine and backcountry skiing, biking, running, kayaking, camping, Ultimate Frisbee
      • Society of Women Engineers


    Favorite Quote

    Electricity is really just organized lightning.” - George Carlin



      • Embedded software development in C/C++
      • Wearable devices
      • State machine design
      • Medical device development
      • Digital signal processing
      • Wireless systems, including BLE, RFID, and GSM



      • 15+ years of experience in embedded systems development
      • State driven firmware design using QP for various BLE-connected, wearable medical devices
      • Design and implementation of sensor algorithms for wearable devices
      • Firmware design for ARM Cortex-M embedded platforms
      • Python scripts and applications for engineering testing and debugging
      • Firmware and DSP development for RFID readers
      • Physical layer DSP development for GSM pico-cell base station
      • Matlab simulations and algorithm development for embedded systems