Gerold Firl
Senior Mechanical Engineer

San Diego Office


  • Systems engineering and analysis
  • Micro-mechanical design
  • Fluids and heat transfer


  • Inkjet printer design and development
  • Printhead design and development
  • Optical scanner design and development
  • Production line tooling
  • Automated manufacturing
  • Globalization facilitator for low-cost manufacturing
  • FEA structural and thermal modeling
  • Computational fluid dynamics modeling
  • Thermosiphon solar hot water systems
  • Micro-mechanical lancing
  • Opto-mechanical algorithm development
  • Instructor, AMES 156A, Mechanical Engineering Design, UCSD. Senior-level design course: stress-strain, static and dynamic; materials; fasteners and welds; springs; transmission and gearing; clutches and brakes, axles and bearings; statistics, reliability, worst-casing and tolerancing.