Stuart Scofield
Expert Firmware Engineer

Portland Metro Office


  • BS Computer Systems Engineering, Oregon Institute of Technology

Interests / Obsessions

  • Hobby farm
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Travel / RV

Favorite Quote

���Life is God's art.�۝���� Larry Norman


  • Firmware architecture & design
  • Real-time system design, test, & debugging
  • Optical sensor applications
  • Motor control
  • Real-time multi-threaded systems
  • New product design and development (large and small scale)
  • Innovation with multi-discipline teams


  • 25 years design & developer of FW for various embedded systems
  • Architect: Interface language constructs to control and monitor printer servo, ink delivery and pen subsystems
  • Firmware development for printer side of Cricut Imagine
  • Co-inventor of media detection in HP Deskjet, PhotoSmart and All-in-One printers
  • Small and large scale printer products
    • Media detection
    • CD detection
    • Image-to-media alignment
    • Ink monitor
    • Print job start sequence controller
    • Media handling
  • Environmental data loggers
    • Entire firmware development
    • User interface
    • Data storage
    • I/O protocols
    • Low power mode
    • External device control
    • Multiple sensor input
  • I/O protocol support for GOES transmitter and OrbComm satellite transceiver
  • FX controller firmware for PC VGA-to-video card